Taiwan dramas

Meteor Garden I watched long after it became the rage. Jerry Yan – his intensity prompts me to watch his series. Not that I’ve watched too many, though. I’m more comfortable listening to K dialogues even if I don’t understand them.

Right now I’m watching Loving Never Forgetting. I chanced upon its Tagalized version in ABS-CBN and as it had JY, I decided to check it out.

K dramas and T dramas are different on so many levels. The actresses in T dramas are not as perfect looking, not all of them have teeth that had braces before they came out onscreen.

Kissing is more present in T dramas than it is in K dramas where embracing is more the rule.

But in both one sees men whose faces have abs. Chiseled might be a better term? I don’t know really but I’m sure you get the drift.

In Loving, Never Forgetting, I like the characterization of JY’s sidekick. He’s funny, loyal, a former gangster so he’ll keep you safe. And he keeps JY’s persona afloat. Their relationship should be that of boss and underling but one notes friendship there. How nice.

The pacing of the drama is a bit slow. Though my eyes should be fixed onscreen so I’ll know what’s going on, I sew sometimes because what’s going on is sometimes not interesting to me.

So why am I watching it? because of JY and his sidekick.

Thirty-four episodes but I think each lasts less than an hour.

HHB has been telling me spoilers but I don’t want to say SHUT UP to her. She might get hurt. Do I share what she has told me thus far?

Nahhhhh. Then you’d want to stop reading. So, NO.


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