Grand Slam Pizza

Some seven years ago, I encountered Shakey’s Grand Slam Pizza. We had gone to its Katipunan branch following a show in the blue school. We meant our sons and some parents. And as we were quite a number, one of the dads ordered Grand Slam Pizza. I was awed by the size and the flavors and longed to order it again. But as we are a small family, somehow it was irrational to order such a huge pizza, I thought.

Last night, son had friends over. I thought there would be at least six of them, there were only 3, plus son, so four. We gave them two slices each of the Grand Slam pizza which I requested should be sliced in 34 slices. While I was ordering through 77777, the order taker seemed to not know how to deal with the issue, the Grand Slam usually sliced in 12 slices merely. So he gave me the Loyola Heights branch contact number and in no time, my request was understood and my order delivered.

As only 8 or so slices were consumed, we had some twenty plus left over.

What to do? From experience, I didn’t have the remainder refrigerated but kept it cool in our room where the aircon is often on. Today, we had it for lunch, heated. As son didn’t join us for lunch, he has been taking a slice or two from among the unrefrigerated slices.

It occurred to me, perhaps it would be best to freeze the leftover slices rather than refrigerate them? Like bread keeps better frozen and then reheated than refrigerated and then reheated.

On a somewhat similar note, J. Co donuts should be eaten on the day they are bought. My sister gave me 6 pieces Sunday. By yesterday, it was dehydrated and hard. Not so Gavino donuts. They retain their texture for maybe 5 days at least.

So you’ll know.


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