Real Life in Eat Bulaga

We didn’t catch the first hour, but did Problem Solving. One of those who lined up to have her problem solved was a 63 year old woman. Her problem: her eldest son’s refusal to accept his stepfather. See, when his mom was newly widowed (4 months to be exact), an old boyfriend of the mom returned in to the picture and resumed a relationship with her.  The new partner is now 65 years old. And ever since, the eldest son hasn’t been back, choosing to live in Bulacan; the mother lives in Tanay. The trios’ (JOWAPAO) advice: for the son to forgive his mother which she was seeking and to reconcile.

Mirth took over when the next person seeking a solution to his problem had this problem: a facial complexion like Jose’s. That made Jose feel good as it was a worse case than his. Jose said not to go to the derma as the problem will not be ended thus. And he said not to keep thinking about it as  acne seems to have lives of their own.

Juan for All, All for Juan was next. It’s still ongoing as I type. What confronted them made Jose speechless so that he turned over the mike to Vic who was in the studio right away. Vic couldn’t speak either. Why? The scene: a wake. Apparently the husband of the “lucky” phone caller had died a few days earlier – April 4. He was a tricycle driver who had been in hospital for 3 weeks. The wife is a teacher. They have an autistic child, the eldest on the other hand had to stop schooling for lack of funds. The usually wacky episode of JFA, AFO took on a somber note. Decidedly. A few words to lift the spirit by being funny were uttered but to a noticeably diminished level. Husband had a word for it: tamlay.

So there. EB in real life, real life in EB.

Joey and his love for puns – libing limang bote rather than labing lima. But respect for the dead was there.

Okay, Joey couldn’t be stopped. He said “Bakit pag may namamatay, sinasabing `That’s life.'”

Oo nga ano?


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