Rechauffe yet again

Posts back I mentioned having bought bagnet which was so tough it wasn’t edible. I had it reinvented into lechon paksiw but as it turned out, it was more adobo-ish than paksiw. Tonight we had that for dinner. But as is my wont, if possible, I paired it with fried salmon thingies – not fillet but those sliced thinly, skin on. I forget what they are called.

As it happened, I was reading back issues of Philippine Star and Inquirer and chanced upon the column of Lydia Castillo who’s usually the only one I read in Starweek. Happily, she had a Filipino salad recipe. I initially dismissed it when I saw that the ingredients were salted egg, tomatoes and onions. Then what do you know, I noticed it had a salad dressing: 1/4 c vinegar and 2 tbsp brown sugar.

Savemore saved the day; there were no salted eggs in Rustan’s when HHA went. SO I sent off HHB to try Savemore and Shoppersville. Savemore was it. Before she came back with them, I was thinking of buying the 3 egg salad in Wooden Spoon that has century egg, salted egg, and ordinary boiled egg. Ah, that’s an idea. Next time salted eggs aren’t available, we can make do with boiled eggs. Century eggs have become difficult to find. Way back, I was able to get them in Unimart. Another added touch might be peanuts which WS adds to its salad.

Do try out the recipe of Ms. Castillo. Husband was so pleased he ate more of dinner than he did of lunch and as proof, he said he’d drink Kremil-S 30 minutes from now as a precaution of developing gas due to the onions in the salad.


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