Facebook Message has a new feature, at least I discovered it only now.

See, end Feb, I sent a message to a non-friend in FB and I noticed it hasn’t yet been checked as “Seen”.

When I tried to resend, a pop-up message from FB emerged, something like as we weren’t friends, it would go to his Other Folder. I’m sure if someone sent a message to me that went to my Other Folder, I wouldn’t know. FB also said that I could send a message that would go this Inbox for P8.56.

The proof of the pudding is in…

Let’s wait and see if I get a response, though the circumstances that surround such an eventuality are not determined by this FB service. It will also depend on whether the other party will make the effort to respond.

Like once I chided my son for not responding to a message I sent him via FB. I said I knew he had seen it as there was a check and the word Seen to validate my claim.

He said those aren’t reliable indicators.

Oh well, at least this new feature of sending to the Inbox for P8.56 is not too unreasonable.


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