Reading and K dramas simultaneously

Yesterday, as I finished Jerry Yan’s series Loving, Never Forgetting, I browsed through FB. And saw that a FB friend Arlene had rated Royal Date in goodreads positively. I asked her through a Private Message re the book and she said it was an enjoyable read.

Got a Kindle copy from Amazon and it so reminded me of the Mills & Boon books I used to devour in high school. A friend whose mother had shelves full of them would lend me some, I’d do the same though my library wasn’t as endowed as hers was. Even our English teacher and high school principal would borrow from her. So I must confess that I learned a lot of new words from M&B though the stories in them were more romantic than erudite, just the type teenagers swooned over. Of late, I mentioned M&B books to my son’s friend. She said something like oh, what the maids read. How the world has changed.

Royal Date is a bit off-putting in that the girl is an ingenue in love but once awakened, is so over the top, steps ahead of what the man is thinking in terms of the future. I am more than halfway through the book (which is unusual – I have so many books half read, a quarter read, an eighth read since so long ago) which I read while waiting for my K dramas to load or when a scene is boring. Now watching Buebird’s House and there are characters in the series I don’t particularly care about – the family of the wannabe story writer who wants to break into TV dramas. I could do without their family – the father is a wasted former bank manager who insists on staying on in the bank, the mother who’s remorseful when she found out about her husband’s status, etc.

So yes, having an engrossing story can be handy when technology is slow or a portion of a K drama is boring.

Yes, too, I acknowledge that when there’s a dearth of good K dramas to watch, there are always books. Finding the right one that will keep me reading is quite the challenge, though.

For example, I got two Virginia Woolf books – one free, one for a few dollars via Kindle. Thing is, years back, I tried reading a VW book, recalling how, in college, our British professor, Murielle Muspratt, spoke glowingly of her. But I couldn’t get past a few pages and gave it to a niece who liked it, lucky for me.

Reading a sample of VW in Amazon convinced me I should give it a try. SO I am doing that.

Some days ago, I remember thinking of the phrase “music in her/his prose” or “prose in her/his  music”. But now I can’t recall who made me think of such phrase.

Maybe one day, our paths will cross again.


2 thoughts on “Reading and K dramas simultaneously

  1. On the contrary, I like it very much Arlene, except for the girl’s ways, like she shares details of her encounters with Nico with her friend, for example. Hahaha, I guess that’s just me.

    Re M&B, I’m glad you also said you learned proper English usage from reading such books. Sometimes, husband wonders where I learned some of the words I say and I think and yes, I remember, from M&B. I guess it’s the M&B clones that were referred to as being read by the maids. Basta they’re reading, that’s a great thing.

    My Kindle has books of all kinds. Aside from RD, I’m also reading David Duchovny’s book entitled Holy Cow. It’s like Animal Farm cum Charlotte’s Web cum David Duchovny – so now, so with it. It’s a funny book. DD is a Yale U Master of Arts in English Lit graduate (and good-looking) so when husband said he had a book out, I got a copy. I have yet to finish Time Traveler’s Wife, and just finished Who Do You Think You Are. I have yet to continue The Innovators. Weird mix ba? WInd in the Willows I already finished, along with wrinkle in Time. I think that’s one of your favorites too, right? 🙂

  2. So you don’t like it? 🙂 I am multi-tasking reading so many books, almost all of them a little serious so reading this book made me laugh and believe that those “kilig” moments are real. I think I still have a few left of M & B here, those which were segregated by Nissa before because she likes re-reading them. I love feel-good and funny stories too. I don’t think the maids read M & B nowadays because they are no longer published. I don’t want to categorize when it comes to reading because back in high school, that’s where I learned proper English usage. What are you reading now Mary An?

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