No to Four Lang

I am from QC where two councilors authored an ordinance which the mayor subsequently signed, limiting pet ownership (dogs and cats) to 4 per household. This alarmed us, our household that is, because we have 8 dogs we love. If only 4 are allowed, what to do with the 4? Throw them out to the streets? Which among them? Draw lots?

Methinks the authors don’t like dogs and cats, period. Or they didn’t think of possible repercussions.

Like what if households with more than 4 let go of the excess? Won’t the government have a bigger problem of what to do with those let out?

Luckily, PAWS can be counted on to lead the way. Thanks, C for sharing this latest update on this unreasonable move by our local government. It actually occurred to me that if only it were logistically possible, I’d move back to Negros or Marikina. It felt so desperate until I read what PAWS shared – that the ordinance has been repealed.

I just hope it’s true.

Read about this issue and its resolution here.


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