A Japanese drama for a change

Having just finished the series MY Heart Twinkle Twinkle, I was on the lookout for another to  take its place and found Tokyo Sonata, a Japanese movie.

The pacing is very slow, very gloomy. While there is a young boy taking piano lessons, I’ve hardly heard any notes played.

The story revolves around a family whose father has suddenly been dismissed or retired from work. Laid off. He doesn’t tell his family and pretends to still be reporting for work as in the past, dressing up, staying away from the house until such time as he used to go home when he was employed, etc.

I turn on my laptop’s volume to max, the streaming site’s also. But not much good both options do.

But I hope I’ll survive this. And I hope I’ll be hearing some bars of music soon.

A depressing film altogether but I hope some ray of sunshine will be evident soon.


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