Real Life in Eat Bulaga April 15, 2015

Problem Solving’s problem now is awful. The other woman wants additional time with the man (Someone’s husband) and is asking for help on how this can be possible. She’s sad, she said, that the man only goes to her at noon. This has been going on for 15 years. She loves the man, she said.

I cannot sympathize. She and the man have 3 children.

wonder what work the man does that allows him to go   to her every noon.

I don’t like how the hosts are handling this, referring to Carol’s story as “maganda”, “Inspiring”, etc.

How can that be when such a relationship is hurting the wife and the  legal children?

Methinks EB is so wrong in this. The show should avoid tackling issues that aren’t supposed to be funny  in  such a silly way, or for which they have no expertise. This is no laughing matter.

I am disappointed, EB.


2 thoughts on “Real Life in Eat Bulaga April 15, 2015

  1. I saw a couple of this segment. Parang puro kalokohan sinasabi nila.
    Eh nabasa mo ba yung tungkol sa extramarital affair ni Ralph Recto. Napapailing na lang ako sa mga sinabi ni Vilma. 😦

    • I’ve been able to take their kalokahan in the past but today’s was outrageous. I’m miffed, disgusted. Haven’t read vilma’s account, scared to find out mode ako. But I’ll check it out now that you mention it.

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