Months back, the son’s girlfriend gave a can of lady fingers. It was a tall can, the likes of which could accommodate barquillos stored vertically. What to do?

Weeks ago, I got an email from Betty Crocker (yes, we’re close) that contained a tiramisu recipe that required lady fingers. That was an aha moment for me but I kept procrastinating such that I made the banoffee pie before it plus a niece gave us a huge chunk of her son’s birthday cake (we weren’t able to go, but son did) and I bought tarta madrid from Pasteleria Mallorca.

Finally, I decided to make tiramisu using the BC recipe “she” had sent. This recipe.

It is not authentic in that it doesn’t have mascarpone cheese which the original version has. Moreover, as the rum I bought last time was uber strong (Bacardi), I substituted Kahlua for the rum as a commenter suggested/mentioned. The finished product:


The proof of the pudding is…

Have yet to try it. The recipe prescribes that it be refrigerated for 4 hours at least. I would have wanted to put chocolate shavings but the cake reached the brim. I “formed” it on a glass dish that’s a loaf pan — ergo high but narrow.


Days back, husband ordered sizzling bangus from Gerry’s Grill, remember? It kept appearing on our dining table as rechauffe. Like thrice and it wasn’t completely consumed. I didn’t want to throw it away as it wasn’t cheap. What to do?

Look for a bangus sisig recipe. Found it here.

Son and husband liked it. I was a bit wary as HHA had put too much sili. And too little mayo. Maybe next time, I’ll enjoy it more if she lessens the sili.


Months back, I saw chuvaness’s post re Pledge for electronic gadgets. For months it was in my to buy list as I failed to find it in S&R, True Value and Rustan’s, my usual haunts. I was so disappointed,, eager to try it out.

Lo and behold, I found it in Unimart a few weeks back. Son and I have been using it with amazing results. Promise.


It cost P160.50 in Unimart.

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