PLDT Personnel

Husband called PLDT. I thought it was to complain about the erratic signal we were getting from PLDT FIbr. When he was done talking, I asked whether they were coming to do something, but no, he said, they were going to install something like a box that would be coursed through Fibr that would allow him/us to watch 65 channels. A bit redundant, considering we already have CIgnal and Destiny – both providers’ lowest end plans. I couldn’t figure out the rationale but to keep the peace, I didn’t probe.

That was Thursday when he called, he was told the installation would take place between 3 and 5 days. I wasn’t “involved” so I was just being quiet and oblivious.

This morning there was a call for husband after which he said PLDT was coming after lunch. And indeed, two men came: R and M – husband cannot remember their names but these started with the said letters. They were amiable, competent and eager to please. By the time they were done, one of them had remarked about the game my son was playing in his laptop, the other had remarked about his bike. Very genial without being fresh.

And they knew what they were doing.

Breaths of fresh air, good service. Thank you PLDT.

Re our spotty FIBR connection, they will report this, they assured us.

So what was that which they did? They installed a box that will allow the viewing of 65 channels – oh I said that already, but unlike our Cignal connection, this won’t be affected by the wind which is what happens to the satellite dish connection we have, also c/o Cignal.

As you can see, I still cannot understand the why and wherefore, but at least, the connection was set up in the room where the exercise equipment of the men in the house are set up. So they will not be bored while shedding whatever.


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