I can’t recall now but the other day, so many things were happening around me, I was so fretful I wanted to slow down. I remembered my coloring book, started coloring while Spotify was on and before long, I was pacified. Ah I think I remember now. My sister’s email account was hacked and I wanted to help her badly. Years back, another sister’s account was hacked and she learned that 3 of her friends sent money to the account number provided. Sigh… why are people so scheming?

To go back to what relaxed me, here it is – the finished product. As you can see, my strokes are anything but even, they are multi-directional which was why my grades in Art and Work Education were never the highest possible. As early as Grade 1, I knew I didn’t have the knack for drawing when our Math workbook asked that we draw fish. I had a difficult time doing that and my workbook was so dirty from all the erasures I made in an effort to come up with decent looking fish.

I’m glad that now I can color any which direction I will myself to do as no one will grade my work. Judge, maybe, but not grade.

The finished product:

IMG_3818 (1)

Thanks, C, for the coloring pens.

Below is my earlier “project” using acrylic:

FullSizeRender (5)


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