It is so hot

but who doesn’t know it? Who doesn’t feel it?

Thing is, it’s not just the weather but my head from having to deal with two individuals.

a. my account executive in the bank. Her direct line is always answered by a disembodied voice that says to leave a message. I don’t like to leave recorded messages though in the end I did, which she also failed to answer. Last Friday, I succeeded in getting a human voice on another line and she gave me the direct line which didn’t produce results. I sent a text message to the AE, no answer either. This afternoon, for two hours, I tried to get hold of her. All numbers of the bank yielded recorded messages until two hours later. The girl told me my AE had a client. She asked me if the AE could call me back, I conceded. And my AE did. Apologetic. I am inclined to close my account with this bank. I don’t like being stressed.

b. A client who asked me to edit for her. Rich family name. Office in one of the rich villages in the south. She was the first among 3 who had editing done. The two paid up within days after I gave back their edited drafts. For this rich lady, I had to follow up countless times before she answered me personally – it usually was her girl Friday who would. And in her email she told me I should have told her how much I charge. Isn’t it the client who asks how much someone offering a service who should ask? That was but one of her complaints. Rationalizing her ways, I guess. I wonder how she is with her clients. She decorates/designs the interiors of homes.

I hope she is the last of these unfortunate incidents in my life today.


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