Wang Fu at UP Town Center

I am a Kapuso more than I am a Kapamilya or Kapatid(?). So someone has to tell me about the goings on in ABS-CBN else I remain ignorant forever.

Years back, my sisters who were avid viewers of Be Careful with My Heart planned lunch in Wang Fu in the Morato area. I think it was a weekday, so I declined. WF they said is owned by Richard Yap. I knew who he was, having watch maybe 3 episodes of the series before I became uncomfortable with the plot. I don’t remember getting feedback re the quality of the food served.

Yesterday, okay, since two days ago, I’ve been wanting to eat Chinese lumpia and googled; alas, I failed to find any that delivered anything like it, just lumpia ubod or lumpia frito.

Then I saw that WF was in UP Town Center and thought they might have the dish. They didn’t. So I dismissed the thought of ordering from them.

As I have been under house arrest (because of my pressure sores), we haven’t been going out of late as a family. Not even on weekends. Instead, we’ve been ordering food, either c/o City Delivery, Quick Delivery, McDo, Jollibee, or HHA/HHB. THing is, if I order from UP Town Center, I pay double what McDO charges: P80 for roundtrip fare via tricycle. But I have no choice.

Going back to WF, despite the negative reviews online, I decided to take a chance. Son ordered cereal prawns, I ordered beef with black pepper, for husband sweet and sour pork, scallop rice, and hakaw. Along the way, the   girl who took my order suggested salted egg chicken. I thought I ordered that too but when HHB came back from WF, it was not among the dishes nor the receipt. So I didn’t bother to complain.

Cereal prawns – son liked it very much

beef with black pepper – how did they make it so tender

sweet and sour pork set meal came with two rounds of tofu topped with pork floss – not that good

hakaw – good

scallop rice – didn’t notice the scallops at all.

Will we order from WF again? Yes!

Now the search goes on for CHinese lumpia.

2 thoughts on “Wang Fu at UP Town Center

  1. I have heard bad remarks about wang fu and id like to try them myself. I am planning to go there within this month but there available tricycles in the area that will take me to katipunan station(is it easy to find one)? I’ve been there before but I really had a hard time going back home due to lack of public transportation in the area. Thank you

    • There are tricycles if one is patient enough. And there are jeepneys too which charge a lot lower. Trikes charge P40 one way. Jeepneys only P8 I think. Just bring an umbrella as there are open spaces between buildings. Hope Wang Fu won’t disappoint you.

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