After posting my two coloring “projects” on FB, a friend mentioned The Secret Garden, the biggest thing in adult coloring books that’s out of stock, even in Amazon. I read some comments re the said work and thought it wasn’t for me.

I wanted to get Balance which I’d have to order from Amazon, I thought. Not wishing to spend on freight costs, I decided I should just keep coloring the one I got from Toys ‘R Us.

Then it occurred to me to call Fully Booked in Regis Center. He said they had 3 adult coloring books: Secret Paris, Secret Japan and Birds and Butterflies. The first two are available in Amazon and had sample pages. Though I was initially inclined to get Japan, the person in FB said Paris was nicer. So I asked that it be reserved. I called National Bookstore in Loyola Heights but they didn’t have adult coloring books. Led me to the conclusion that NBS carries stuff that have sure buyers of great numbers.

Wow, when HHB came back with Secret Paris, I was beside myself with joy. Each page has something different – not just flora, not just fauna, but a gamut of living and non living things.

The drawings are intricate, one needs to have a combination of fine tip pens and crayons though the author only mentions colored pencils. The illustrations are back to back but the paper is thick enough so the pens I’ve used so far haven’t bled through: Dong-A fine tip pens and what you gave, C, that is felt-tip pens.

I am very much tempted to get Secret Japan lest it run out but I will be prudent and maximize Secret Paris first.

Oh joy!






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