so I have been going to wherever as I lie down on my side, wide awake and alone in my state of wakefulness. And I saw this in my email which had  this interesting word:

it was sent to me by my pal Merriam. Just like Betty C, Merriam W sends me email regularly. Aren’t they sweet?

So what might be the Filipino word that approximates quidnunc? Usisero?


3 thoughts on “Sleepless

  1. Hihihihi. “Quidnunc”…I can add that to my “about me” page. Yes, “usisero” nga yata ang translation. By the way, I really enjoyed the book you gave me. I learned a lot of new words, and the artwork is beautiful.

    So are you going to Tuscany? See? Truly a quidnunc. Hehe

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