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They’re two different women?


Corinthian Gardens clubhouse and Corinthian hills clubhouse – they’re different?

For days now, I have been hankering for Sunny Bakeshop goodies, its mango tart particularly. Back in the 70s, when I was studying in Negros and 3 of my sisters were here in Manila, they introduced me to the dessert and I fell in love.

Then Sunny Bakeshop in Makati Avenue closed shop. Years later, my sister told me she knew where they were – in a house in Valle Verde. I got one tart. It was huge and expensive, but for old times’ sake…

I was a tad disappointed, the tart was frozen stiff. But I finished it all, for old times’ sake.

Weeks back, i wanted to eat a Korean lunch. Googled and saw Korean Garden. Read the comments one of which mentioned SBS which used to be near KG. Someone also mentioned that SBS is now in COrinthian clubhouse.

So I googled and found the number. Was told the mango tart was available everyday. What else is good, I asked?

Garlic ham rolls.

I bided my time. There were desserts in the freezer and HHA would give me the eye if I bought another that would crowd the freezer. Plus we were supposed to go out of town this weekend except that my pressure sore wants me to rest.

Yesterday, I ordered mango tart, garlic ham rolls and toffee sans rival from SBS. In Corinthian.

Today, I reminded husband to pick up the orders. He left the house and vibered – there’s no SBS here. He was in the COrinthian HIlls clubhouse.

Oops, my bad. Panicky, I called 631 1352. Where are you located? I asked. Corinthian, he answered. In front of Mormon church? No, inside COrinthian Gardens.

Patay. Husband would likely be riled up.

I texted him nonchalantly that it was in Corinthian Gardens.

Wonder how he’ll be when he comes home. Still peeved?

But at least I’ll have my mango tart and he his toffee sans rival – I’ll filch, of course.

I only hope the garlic ham roll will live up to expectations. Mine.

And that husband won’t forget to pass by Lapid’s for chicharon. I’ve been craving for weeks now, delayed gratification and the lack of guts to ask them to buy staving off fulfilment.

Of course there’s always GIno’s chocolate chicharon within walking distance. Upstairs of Mercury Drug.

One of these days.

Okay, so Corinthian can be hills or garden.

Make sure next time.

Sunny Bakeshop is in gardens, not hills. CLubhouse.

Keeping my fingers crossed everything will be cool and nice when they arrive. Everything and everyone. Well, except the garlic ham rolls. they can be hot.

Here they are:

FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender_2 FullSizeRender_3 FullSizeRender

Verdict: The mango tart – it doesn’t quite hit me the way it did when I was 40 years younger. it seems less sweet, the custard is too thick and not sweet enough… it seems different. The proof of the pudding is in… end May I’ll give one of my sisters this for her birthday. Then we can compare notes and come up with a more definitive assessment.

The garlic ham rolls are quite good. They said it would last a day only, or would be good to eat one day only but this morning, a few days after that one day, the rolls tasted the same, heated.

The toffee sans rival. Okay, I really like the icing. It reminds me of the condensed milk based icing of the cake I used to order in a canteen under our ballet school in Lacson Street in Bacolod. I’d go to ballet class early just so I’d still be able to get a slice… The frosting of this sans rival was so spot on. But that’s it for the sans rival. The meringue layers – I’m not sure they have cashew in them, which is normal for sans rival layers. I’m missing that. If they do have it, there seems to be too little. Not that the whole thing is bad, but it just doesn’t seem like sans rival as we know it, as Nora Daza shared in the recipe for the same in her cookbook.

Will I order from SBS again? Perhaps yes, to try their cinnamon rolls. And to get some garlic ham rolls. But I’ll pass up on the two other desserts I got.

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