A Greek Lunch and then some

Still under house arrest (the pressure sore is better but I’m scared to disrupt the progress of the healing, so when????? will I have the guts to test it out?), we ordered lunch takeout again.

yesterday, son said he was craving Greek food. He went out on a date and when he came back, I asked if they had had Greek food. No, they had ramen.

So today, I knew what cuisine to have for lunch: Greek.

Choices: Cyma c/o City Delivery (or is it QD?) or the Greek resto in UP Town Center. Guess what won out? Kos Greek Ouzeri, the one in UP Town Center. Delivery charge c/o the trikes in Loyola P80. Collected from HHB who went to get our orders and ride back.

Our orders:

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 12.49.02 Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 12.49.31 Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 12.49.49 Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 12.50.04 Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 12.50.33 Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 12.50.48I filched the photos from the FB page of the resto – will that get me into trouble? I hope not.

The verdict – I lost count of the number of times son said “Sarap”. Gusto ko talaga ang lamb and salmon. The lamb kebab was my order but it came unskewered. HHB got me just three cubes so the remainder, son and husband could share. Except that the latter is asleep. He’s like HHA. HHA goes to buy stuff or to the washroom around lunch, ergo lunch is delayed or when she has put lunch on the table and when we need something, she’s unavailable. Husband on the other hand plops down the bed when a meal is about to be served. He says to lie down merely. But think again.

Oh yes, the verdict. When the paper bags were opened first, I smelled CYMA. Ergo, Greek food as we know it. Individually, here goes.

Son liked the salmon, I didn’t try it as it was his order and I’m not too fond of fish except if it’s sashimi.

Husband still has to wake up to eat the tono salata – which is normally what he orders in Cyma.

The dip – it’s good and comes with unlimited bread in the resto; for us here at home, Yolly who took my orders, sent 3 kinds of bread. The pita was really good. The others were okay too. Dip tastes like cheese pimiento so if you’re more adventurous you might want to try the other dips. But I’m happy with the one we had.

The pickled squid – I ordered this in memory of the salad we used to get in Bon Appettit of Rustan’s marinara salad. That was good – squid, shrimp in vinegar dressing. So sour I’d sometimes cough for a stretch when I’d swallow too much of the dressing. It was quite good although it had these tiny seeds that I didn’t like. Conscious they were the culprit in making things less than nice, I removed those seeds and I was all right. Some research yielded the identity of those seeds. Here

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 13.09.49

According to this site, they are coriander seeds.

The lamb kebab. First bite – uh, oh. Tough. But I persisted. And the succeeding cubes were tender enough. So very good.

The spinach rice. It wasn’t overwhelmingly good but neither was it bad. Maybe to make the taste more distinct, they could add more feta? Okay, I like feta, so that might not even be the missing link. I’m being bratty.

Okay, so Kos Greek Ouzeri, we will be back for more.

Thank you for a satisfying lunch.


“Some” would be ASAP on Channel 2. Have I converted? Not really. It just so happens that Sundays, Channel 7 doesn’t have a musical or variety show during lunch. Besides, son likes the musicians (instrumentalists) in 2, they’re really good he says.

Some side (snide) comments (remarks):

The camera man of ASAP really loves taking shots that are unflattering. He shoots from the back, ergo the not too nice backs of the performers are “revealed” – the ex M*** artist’s get-up for example, didn’t fit too well. They were too loose, son said they looked like sleepwear. From the back. From the front, not that bad.

Aiza’s close ups revealed the insides of her nostrils. Moral of the story: if you guest in ASAP  you should take extra care to clean your nose well. Seriously.

K** C lip synced her song. She has a rather shrill voice. She’s no longer the shy and lady like girl from Cebu. She tends to overdo things, exaggerate, etc. Excited much? Maybe she thinks she’s still in someone’s morning show and has to do those to be noticed? I  prefer the ingenue Kim circa PBB. But then that’s only me.

So there. Stopped watching 1 hour into the show.


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