Promise I won’t rant. I’ll tell a joke. About Globe.

See a telemarketer called offering 3 gadgets in one bundle: a pocket wifi, a tablet and a power bank. Power wifi is 4g. The power bank can connect to 10 gadgets or is it the other way around? Whatever.

At one point, he said, “Ano ma’am? Medyo choppy.”

I retorted, “Globe eto.”

He said, “ah, oo.”

See, I didn’t rant?

PS – tried to call Peter, the telemarketer to get what he was offering. Called and texted the numbers he had used to get in touch but got no answer. All for the best.

Now the rant begins… but I’ll try to be matter of fact.

Today, two days after Peter’s calls, I called Globe. The first call yielded the info that rather than 200 hours, the plan Peter offered was good for 85 hours.

Another call yielded the info that was considerably less glowing that Peter purported. LIke I told the Globe person I spoke with, Peter enumerated the features of a BMW but what I would have gotten was a Toyota. Wait, Toyota doesn’t deserve that because it offers value for money. So which brand?

I rest my case.


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