Korean dramas – what do I watch now? updated.

The only one I look forward to each day is Bluebird’s House – no, it’s not a daily series but one that has lagged behind in terms of being subbed.

Other than BH, I am not watching anything.

The new ones are dark/heavy, sad/angsty.

Someone, suggest something bright/light, please.

I feel so deprived.

Withdrawal symptoms?


I discovered I Love You from Today. Some 22 episodes have been uploaded, only 13 have been subbed. It’s a family drama, the grandma (she’s rightmost in the photo from dramacool.com is the same ornery one from so many others. The male and female leads are good looking and can act. Nice storyline. Settings are a hospital and a coffee shop.

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 08.09.27


5 thoughts on “Korean dramas – what do I watch now? updated.

  1. I always love it when I encounter some posts about Korean drama series in your blog. 🙂 It’s nice to know that at least in the few blogs I read, there is someone who shares my interest.

    I’m not sure if you will like my choices but Iris, My Princess, Ok Jang Jung (I’m a bit biased to the female lead Kim Tae Hee), Gentleman’s Dignity and Master’s Sun (written by my favorite Hong Sisters) are my all time favorites.

    • I’ve yet to watch Ok Jang Jung and Master’s Sun. Thanks for mentioning them! I always see the Hong Sisters mentioned in dramabeans but haven’t looked them up yet. Gentleman’s dignity was really fun, Kim Tae Hee was so cute in My Princess. Her leading man there is someone I enjoy watching but I didn’t finish When a Man Falls in Love because he was such a victim.

      • Kim Tae Hee’s leading man is Song Seung Hoon… Yes he is so “kawawa” in when a man falls in love… I got carried away with the plot so I ended hating the girl hahahaha

        For me, Hong Sisters are the best scriptwriters. They can capture the perfect blend of comedy, romance, and drama. The disadvantage though, they don’t come up with stories that often. Proof that they are really serious with their craft and not just after the money 😉

        A little warning, Ok Jang Jung has a heavy plot. “masakit sa dibdib” as my friends and I would call it. On those episodes when Kim Tae Hee was oppressed, I ended up feeling sad too. Sorry naman, madali ako ma-carried away.

        I’m really happy that I found another rare blogger who shares my interest for Korean drama series. Thanks 🙂

        • The feeling is mutual. I feel elated too when I find a kindred spirit. Must prepare for the emotional upheaval when I watch ok Jang Jung pala. Re that leading lady of when a man loves … How I really hated her and the man she preferred so it took a while for me to watch any of their other works. Pls drop me a line or more when you discover a good series.

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