Samgyetang in katipunan -edited

When it first opened, I was truly excited. Being a fan of Korean dramas, I’ve always longed to eat with the characters but sadly, there was no K resto in Loyola Heights from which to order.

Then Samgyetang near Mercury Drugstore along Katipunan opened. I ordered what was recommended — samgyetang. But I found it so bland and healthy. Chicken soup with ginseng et al. And I said that was it for me from the resto.

Then I saw friends posting photos of meals they had taken in the resto. And these looked quite enticing. I asked one friend what they had ordered and she mentioned samgyeupsal (lettuce wrap) and sticky rice stew, among others.

So I ordered those two and bibimbap and I have been a regular of sorts since then.

Tonight at 630, I asked HHA if dinner was ready. My tummy was grumbling. But she said, the beef (beefsteak) was still tough. I was alarmed.

As early as 9 a.m., we had discussed what she’d cook for dinner. And this? I asked what time she began boiling the sukiyaki cut and she said 5:30. No wonder. Arrgh. And you may be wondering “who on earth boils sukiyaki cut? And why?”

According to HHA the beef from Rustan’s was not too thinly cut and had to be boiled.

As HHA is not particularly known to move fast, I decided to ask HHB to get me bulgogi soup from Samgyetang. This would be the first time I’d try it.I didn’t call, I’ve given up calling as I always get the recorded message, “The number you’re calling…”

HHA did manage to serve the beefsteak and fried tawilis before HHB arrived. I had two pieces of tawilis and chose to wait for the bulgogi soup.

I’m glad I did. It is so good! And yes, I eat all the veggies in it – cabbage, carrots and onions. Good girl, right? Except that husband cannot share the dish. The cabbage is his enemy. Brings on gout.


Speaking of Korean restos, there’s one other in Rosa Alvero – Honey’s Kimchi, which has been in existence for decades – though not in katipunan where it was, then disappeared, then resurrected. Husband likes its galbi very much (now they call it beef stew) while I enjoy the pork bulgogi with bean sprouts a lot.


Then last Saturday, I asked son to get me sleeping St. Joseph images from Loyola House of Studies in Ateneo. He walked to his destination and when he came back said, “Mama, there’s a new Korean resto in Regis: Bobby Box.” I asked if he’d gotten the menu or phone number. He said no. I called the Eastwood branch and was told the Katipunan branch has yet to open.

Yahoo. The more, the merrier. Looking forward…

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