Finding a Wedding Present

A couple had themselves listed in Rustan’s bridal registry, so they announced. But unlike most couples, this one didn’t choose gifts. Nonetheless, Rustan’s, being Rustan’s, is offering the same service to them: that of consolidating every present bought for the couple.

So it was that while I would have wanted getting them a utensils set at The Kitchen Pro (6th floor of Shangrila’s East Wing), I chose not to because: a) KP doesn’t  gift wrap  and b) it won’t deliver my present. Said set was good for 6. Twenty-four pieces went for P5.1k, brand is Solingen or its sister brand. Said store even had a set for just 2 consisting of 8 pieces. Said set went for P1.9k. I’d have gotten that but the box’s cover was a tad dirty. The lady who attended to me also showed me a cake tray (three levels) that went for a little over P3k. This came in a box shaped like a pyramid (pink) that was so presentable one wouldn’t  need to have it wrapped. I was about to get it but for the fact that I couldn’t be sure about the condition it would reach the couple if I sent it via courier.

So we hied off to Rustan’s where I couldn’t decide where to look. Wait, we asked the mall elevator girl what floor in Rustan’s had pots and pans. Fourth, she said and I was impressed she knew until we got to Rustan’s and saw clothing, bags etc. dismayed by the thought that we would need to ride the mall elevator again, I said so. The guard heard me and told me the Rustan’s he worked for had an elevator inside. How could I have forgotten? HHB had used it months back. So I directed husband and son to it like I owned Rustan’s.

 Ah yes, I looked at Tefal pans on the third floor. Some of these were selling at 40% off but weren’t boxed. The sales clerk said they could be put in Rustan’s boxes. The smallest frying pan was selling for just P600, the next P700, etc. I got for the house. Yesterday HHA had said she needed a new frying pan for making hotcakes. She also needed a regular frying pan which Tefal had – stainless steel material, regular price.  A bit heavy it cost P1.2k. When we arrived at home, I told HHA I got you the frying pans, no complaining. Despot, that’s me. But she whines a lot sometimes.

Finally I got Royal Albert for the soon to be wed couple – two sets of a cup and saucer. Slightly above the budget and the design wasn’t what I’d have wanted. Thing is, they didn’t have the set with butterflies. My present: This design, but not these pieces. The sales clerk suggested I add a teapot. I asked how much: P7k. Yikee. So no.

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 21.14.25

So there. They wrapped it, had me write on the gift card and will take care of sending it to Rustan’s Makati for consolidation. Satisfied customer here.

One thought on “Finding a Wedding Present

  1. Ganyan yung design ng teacup and saucer ko, Old Country Roses yata name. I think what you were initially looking for is Miranda Kerr’s collab with Royal Albert. Yung pastels with butterflies.

    You know, nag-sale ng LeCreuset pans dito. Sobrang nanghinayang akong hindi pa ako bumili. Didn’t realize na good bargain na pala yung offer nila.

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