Hodpodge afternoon in Shangrila

After being absent from malls for the past 50 days (Yes, I counted), I had to be in my favorite upon my resurrection. So Shangrila. Let son go ahead as I knew the restos would be full on Mother’s Day. He reserved a table for 3 in Arya, 6th floor of East Wing. Good kebab. And after we paid, they gave me a slice of cake:


Lunch done, we went to Muji on the fourth level to look for a plastic case for the pages I’ve colored from the coloring book my sister gave me. The pages are perforated so they tear off easily. After paying for the plastic case, the cashier handed me a beribboned box of cookies, while saying “Happy Mother’s Day!”

Later at True Value, we got some dog food and after paying, one of those who was to bring the bags to the car gave me a box with a pink frosted cupcake inside. How nice these gestures made me feel.

At Blue Kitchen, I asked if they were selling water and they said no. Then my favorite sales clerk asked one of her cohorts to get me a bottle from another stall.


Speaking of food:

The BReadery in UP Town Center sells cheese and bacon bread. You should try it at least once. So reminds me of the crisp cheese sticks in La Cibeles of yore.


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