whatever that means it is a store that appealed to husband, son and me. Was planning to look for it after seeing it in Facebook but clean forgot until I saw it on our way to Muji. It is on the fourth floor of the East Wing. 

Why I wanted to check it out – their FB page showed they sold a lot of coloring stuff. And they did. Crayola brand in all shapes and sizes. So no pastels. Speaking of pastel colors, Muji retails markers for P45 each and I got a pink pen.

Back to Ogalala – husband liked the many choices available.  But he thought at least one set was available in Toys ‘R Us in Power Plant at a lower price. 

Meanwhile, son rued upon seeing boxes of science experiments that were these available when he was a child, he’d have asked us to buy him some. Weren’t they? Hobbes and Landes – when did it come to be? Perhaps they were too expensive we couldn’t afford them? I asked son would he do them if I got them for him now? He said he would. One of these days, I promised. Some photos of the wall behind the cashier:


Top photo shows what the store is – crayons heaven. You can pick 24 colors and get them boxed for P99. Not bad, right?

The second photo shows the brands available in the shop – Elle clothes for kids, back packs, etc. An odd mix?

The store opened end November 2014. Pity I didn’t know then. Nice place from which to buy Christmas presents for kids.

Place is owned by Richwell trading – which explains Crayola. I didn’t see any Barbie dolls which I know Richwell distributes.

This isn’t a paid post. I’m just nosy and asked who owned the interesting store.

Note that to a man (woman), all sales clerks (females) were eager to serve and knowledgeable. Impressive.

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