Remote controlled cooling appliances

We have tried out a few because of my condition (I cannot walk) to lessen the number of reasons I need to call a maid – turn on the fan, turn it off. True we have remote controlled aircon units but there are times I need the fan – to cool the room some more or to save on electricity. But while the remote control of aircons are sturdy, not so those of fans. I can’t recall the brands we’ve had except for Dowell. 

At Rustan’s suddenly, husband told us there was a remote controlled stand fan. When he said how much it cost, I balked quietly. But see, husband is also a victim of mine – I constantly ask him (or son) to turn the fan on or off in our room.

Upon hearing what brand it was, son offered our getting the Imarflex turbo something he had bought for the condo. He hardly uses it these days, he said, as it is hot so he turns on the aircon instead. It had a remote control, he added. But I declined his offer, noting that when we’re there briefly I just turn on the turbo thing.

So we tried out the Imarflex fan. One clerk sounded discouraging – that’s the strongest setting he said. We acknowledged it wasn’t as strong as the Panasonic we had that had no remote control, however. Still we got the fan even if that man suggested Dysun – the blade less fan that sells for over P10k.

It’s past 4 a.m now and while I cannot hear the fan, I can feel the breeze emanating from it.

Hopefully our love affair will last.

Assembling it wasn’t a breeze. Husband hurt his finger in the process as the two covers of the fan were too snugly fit and had to be disengaged from each other. HHB had to help husband as son wasn’t around. 

Picture below shows the fan with its lit controls. Our room is in near total darkness but for an overhead lamp.

The remote control: 


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