Falling for Innocence – a K drama

I’m in the middle of watching Episode 13 now, I could well continue but I don’t want it to end. So I’m postponing seeing the rest of it and enjoying the moment.

And to think I almost didn’t watch it.

First, this still from viki.com:

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 15.42.11The photo makes it appear that the series is a comedy, right? especially because of the presence of the guy on the left. I had watched a series before where he provided comic relief, so it was so totally unexpected to see him in this series being the bad guy. And as it turns out, the series is not a comedy at all, at least most of the time it isn’t. There are comic moments true, but they don’t make up the bulk. Still those comic moments are so priceless. In Episode 13 there are quite a lot.

The girl in the middle. How I detested her in All About Eve. Then I saw her in another series where she was funny and I changed my mind about her.

Here in FFI, her acting skills, I believe, are highlighted. She is so good.

As for the guy on the right, wow, his ‘do was so outrageous at the start. All puffy and curly but not afro. Then he transformed into an executive with bangs. If you watch the series, I think there’s a reason why but I’m not telling. From oaf he becomes lovable, the exact opposite of the guy on the left who started out agreeable and then…

Loving this series to bits. But I think it comes out just once a week, so the agony…

The guy on the right – in the comments on FFI, people mention his previous work. Am watching Smile You now. It’s okay but FFI is really good.

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