8787878 circa 17 May 2015

What gives? I had been (yes, past tense) a frequent customer of City Delivery and decided to call today to order from Wee Nam Kee.

After a million attempts, I got through. But wait, I didn’t hear the operator say “City Delivery”. Instead, she said, “Food Panda.” I was curious. And then aghast. The operator or whatever you call the person who takes calls, was so devoid of confidence, she transmitted the same feeling to me. I was doubtful. Was I really talking to a food delivery person? I am not being patronizing here, but the voice and confidence quality were below CD standards. And she started asking me all sorts of questions CD already had on me. I gave the info hesitantly and she was so slow to take things down, I grew worried and impatient. Then when I started ordering, she was as unsettled as ever, I decided to call WNK in Trinoma, the source of what should be delivered to our area. My plan was to ask WNK to just call CD or FP for me to have food delivered. This had happened with Little Asia when I couldn’t get through to CD then.

Alas and alack, WNK in Trinoma’s line was busy.

Boon Tong Kee in UP Center then.

It will take a while before I try out 8787878 again. Or maybe I will and if the voice answering is as tentative as that which answered me today, then…

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