Kind People

Early on in my paralysis, we were putting away stuff when I saw my passport which I had used last two years prior. Deciding there would be no chance of my going abroad, I threw it away. How’s that for cutting “ties” with my past?

Then in 2009, my son joined an exchange program in France. It was to last for 4.5 months and we thought we should go visit. What to do?

Luckily, the dad of one of my son’s friends was with DFA. And while I hesitated to seek his help, I brought it up with his wife and she said she’d tell him. When I went there, I told the lady who I was and she handed me an application form right away. I filled it up and asked if we could see my son’s friend’s father and she led us to him. I thanked him profusely and he smiled warmly – no sign that I was a bother, no sign that he felt I owed him. Just a sincere smile. And he was busy talking to one of his people. So it was.

Yesterday, we attended his funeral mass and I shed some tears there for a man who was kind to virtually everyone, who took up the cause of Filipinos here and abroad, the best way he could, as this article attests.


When I was in grade school, that was in the late 60s, emphasis on late, my mother had a friend whose son would come to Negros for some dental care, braces. They lived in Cebu. They’d stay the weekend or just overnight and while the son was my age, we never talked, we never smiled even. We were so much alike in that we were shy, I guess.

Fast forward to a few years ago, circa Facebook. His wife thought I was my sister whom she knew, she added me. I reconnected with her sister-in-law who was my friend from way back, and then to that then shy grade schooler. we’ve not seen each other, but we are FB friends and so communicate.

One time, he wrote about a resto near his residence and I asked whether it was the same one in St. Ignatius Village before. I can’t recall what else I wrote but he said he’d check out the resto’s door for me, to determine whether I could get in using my wheelchair.

This morning he sent a message saying he had gone there yesterday with a medida to measure the door. Unfortunately, the resto was closed.


Two stories of two kind people in my life to make my day.

Blessings, decidedly.


2 thoughts on “Kind People

  1. Gone too soon. It’s during times like this when I feel the injustice of life — kind people leaving the world too early, while…never mind, aga-aga, ang bitter ko. 🙂

    • But that’s a valid point. Was talking to a friend yesterday whose brother died recently. He said the death somehow shook his faith… and I could see where he was coming from.

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