Dangerous Liaisons Chinese version

I am no cineaste. I just watch movies and TV series to enjoy.

I chanced upon Dangerous Liaisons in Amazon. After ordering Love Wind, Love Song and Penny Pinchers, Amazon has been giving me recommendations and this morning, DL was in the lineup.

I can’t recall now what caught my attention first, but one of them was certainly the presence of Dang Jong Gun of All About Eve and Gentleman’s Dignity, he who is the standard of male beauty (Adonis, though he’s not young) in Korea (he’s constantly mentioned in TV dramas as such).

He’s such the ladies’ man in this film, flirts without let-up, etc.

But more than his presence, what have struck me (I have yet to finish watching) are the Great Gatsby feel of the movie, the Moulin Rouge cinematography though it is a Chinese production.

It’s worth watching, I think. And it somehow has a non-Chinese vibe except for the setting and language used.

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