Hha said this morning she hopes my pressure sore will heal by the weekend. Why? So I can buy her a replacement iMop. The one she uses produces different kind of sound effects – soprano tones and a mooing cow, for instance. I told her to pray and teased you’ll only pray so you’ll get a new mop.

Still about HHA.

Wheeling back to my room after my bath, she, Hhb and I must have seen my Lee Min Ho pillow simultaneously. Hhb remarked about how good looking LMH is. Hha? She said she wished I’d get pregnant and make lihi Kay LMH!

The heat is getting to her. I’m 59!

IMG_4207 Here’s the very smile-inducing pillow with LMH on it. Photo taken by husband early this am.


A good friend received a special award last night. I wanted to give her a surprise. I thought of sending her flowers but after calling a few florists, I realized how the heat has shortened the shelf life of flora.

Then an aha! moment.

I could get her a cake. Called purple oven but they wanted a 3-day lead time. Checked out restos in Ayala Triangle. Saw Banapple and called. Deliveries are coursed through 2121212, I was told. Called quick delivery and transacted.

QD allows regali deliveries. Aside from the usual delivery charge, I was asked to pay P89 for the regalo fee. How it works:

After placing my order, they collected the payment from me and then delivered the pie to my friend. So convenient. But for one kink.

I asked if there’d be a gift card. He said yes so I presumed he’d put one though he never asked what should be written on it.

At 2 pm I called QD if the pie had been delivered. Was assured it was. But why hadn’t my friend called to say thank you?

At 6 she called. Her first words were thank you so I immediately countered “oh good, you got the pie!” I could sense confusion when she was quiet and asked, “didn’t you get it?” She countered “so it was you who sent it?”

All along she thought a mistake had been made. She planned to call QD about it. But hadn’t had the time.

Imagine if I hadn’t asked and had decided instead to keep wondering why she never said thank you! Moral of the story? …


On another note, husband ordered something from Nelsonkrx through me. It didn’t come today as scheduled, even if Xend had assured me it was scheduled for delivery till 8 pm.


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