Wattaday and it’s only halfway over

Early this morning, one of my sisters dropped bags of goodies with my sisters’ names and mine written to specify who was to get which. I also had a bonus plastic bag containing 3 coloring books from my cousin in the US who had sent it to my sister.

IMG_4208 IMG_4209 IMG_4210

Lovely start to a day, right?

And then husband’s Nelson KRX ordered was delivered.

And then I realized that I no longer have to send HHB to Gerry’s Grill in UP Town Center whenever I am craving for GG’s fare. Why? IN their website, it states that all orders exceeding P500 are delivered free. Why didn’t I see that before? Arrgh.

But still, better late than never…

Then the confusion began.

The doorbell rang. Gerry’s Grill, I was sure. In came HHB with the orders. But she was flustered and yakking. She said there was someone in the gate picking up something from me. I told her to ask that someone who she is. She said that someone refused to answer her. Ha??? I knew the only one who had something to get from me was one sister – because of the pasalubong another one had dropped over, remember? I told HHB that.

She went out to the gate and said only the driver was going down the car to ask for whatever. She was flustered. I was anxious.

She went out again and came back to say it was my niece (she now has a driver?) whom she saw through the window. So I told her to give the pasalubong of another sister to my niece. End of story, I thought.

Then she came in again, saying my niece wanted to come in. No one gets to come inside my room without sufficient notice as I have to be decent, right? So that I won’t look like I’m so unkempt and mildly deranged, right?

Finally my should have been niece identified herself to the maid as N*****, the daughter of our good friend. She wanted to come in to hand something to me. I wasn’t ready. I told husband to get it from her. But before he could do that, N handed the envelope to HHA near the door of our room. She had wanted to give it personally to us as it had money for her enrolment to a summer program. Our friend had asked if we could do it as they would be out of town during the enrolment period.

Shortly after N left without seeing husband or me, I got a text from friend who said his daughter was at the gate and the maid had refused to let her in.

So many issues here:

His daughter’s version /HHA’s version/the truth. Figure out which is which. I am just so confused.

a. HHB said the driver refused to give the lady’s name – lady meaning the person who was to pick up something, or so HHA said

b. Driver later gave the lady’s name and said it was A*** – which is the same as my niece’s name, ergo HHB said, sight unseen, it was my niece. HHB said too that if only A had gone down, she’d have recognized her right away

c. HHB said N eventually gave her name when she was in the driveway. I scratch my head as I type this.


Questions –

a. Why did the driver say the name of his ward was A? HHA conjectured “guino-good time ni N ang driver”

b. Why did HHB let N come in before even finding out who she really was? I’m sure by then she knew it wasn’t my niece A who wanted to come in.

c. Never mind, my brain is running out of fuel. But you get the drift.

What if N had turned out to be a bad element?

How much of the story was ad libbed by HHB?

I need Sherlock though I prefer Watson. Agatha Christie, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys = anyone available.

I rest my case.

Wait, I’ll scratch my head again.

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