Eating Healthy

Yes, you’re reading a post in my blog. Yes, I am still me. So why the title?

Believe it or not, I do try to serve healthy, so I guess, that title is a misnomer after all. Anyway, when I last ordered from  some Filipino resto for delivery, I ordered sinigang na hipon. But my two supposedly healthier-eating men in the house didn’t touch it. I did eat a few leaves but not the okra. I rationalized that the nutrients of the veggies I was not eating in the dish were mixed with the broth. Right?

Not giving up, I decided to have fish this dinner. Are you still alive reading such shocking stuff? I found this recipe in facebook and had HHA prepare it. They say tilapia is the same as dory (pangasius something) so although HHA said she would buy tilapia, I had her use the dory in the freezer. It was quite good! Promise.

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