Greenbelt 5 after several months of absence

Yesterday, we had a late lunch in Bulgogi Brothers. And while we said we’d not buy their privilege card, we were once again talked into it. The lady said unlike last year, this new one no longer required online registration. Further the coupons that entitled one to a free appetizer were not limited to those stated on the face of the coupon. She said if the only Bistro Group resto we liked to go to was BB, we could use all the free appetizer coupons in BB. Okay, we were convinced.

On the downside, we had leftovers we had asked for takeout. They didn’t put any sauce. Bummer.


Went to Bleach to get one of my sisters a cushion with Intramuros as theme which chuvafinds featured. Her birthday is in July but I got it already lest I forget what I wanted to get her.


Son pointed out TYPO to us. In 2012, we had gone to TYPO in Ion Orchard and I was enamored at the so many finds. Alas, time and money weren’t limitless so all I got were the wooden blocks calendar. So hard to shop with men as companions most of the time.

TYPO in Greenbelt has so many nice things: Hello Kitty cushions, paper lanterns – 2 packs at P1200 in varied designs, etc. Wanted to get a few items to stock as in case of emergency presents but I knew husband was getting antsy looking around.

Went to Marks & Spencer after several months of not doing so such that I  initially failed to find my loyalty card. Son convinced me to get the khaki jeggings that had an elastic band at the waist.

Went to Crocs for son’s slippers. It’s a pity that they phase out some good styles. Like a red pair husband got years back, something like a slide – the exact same pair is no longer available. So with the thongs son would have wanted to get.



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