My gash, okay, my gosh

Are delivery services hiring just anyone? Just called 2121212 to ask if they deliver from Super Bowl of China. He said yes, then checked. Oh, it’s under maintenance (euphemism for NO). So I asked what other Chinese restos do you deliver from? He said, “Sumo Sam.” I said “that’s Japanese.”

So I further asked, what else? He said “Meylin’s Bistro and PF Chang.” I asked how to get to these from their website so as not to waste time. He seemed reluctant to tell me. Then he said, “Check View Menus.”

I did. Meylin’s Bistro is in Mall of Asia. I told him so.

Hay, di bale na lang. Kaka stress.

I’ll heat up a bowl of noodles. Kidding. I’ll call citydelivery. Oops, it’s foodpanda now and the lat time I called, the one who took my call was also clueless.

What’s up????

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