Recipes of certain brands

Yesterday, I made s’mores pie using a recipe of McCormick. I decided to do that because I had one of the ingredients – Kraft marshmallow creme in a bottle. Okay, if the spelling is wrong, forgive me. I didn’t buy the thing, I got it free from Food Bin. I think they were giving it away  if one reached a certain total and the thing was nearing expiration. In fact, when I used it yesterday, it was weeks past best to use before ***.

Another reason I made the pie was that in one of my spring cleaning of stuff, I had unearthed chocolate bars given to my husband: 4 bars of dark chocolate and 4 bars of that chocolate which cover was like a US dollar bill. Benjamin Franklin? I don’t know. The recipe required 6 oz of semi-sweet chocolate chips, I used the chocolate bar. Serendipity.

I also had graham crackers, butter and cream on hand though I didn’t frozen whipping cream. But I had whipping cream that comes in a can (think Pledge and Lysol). So I thought this would be great. Except that the recipe required 3.5 tsps of vanilla. I was disobedient and used just 2. But even that was too much. I ought to have just used 1 tsp total or at most 1.5 tsps.

As I didn’t use  frozen whipping cream, the dessert looked flat but was quite good. I am a nut lover so I put random nuts in the chocolate part. Not too much as son sometimes prefers not to eat nuts.

Moral lesson: don’t always believe the recipes you see.

That is so true of the Quinoa recipe behind a pack son got. This a.m., I gave it to HHA to cook. Read out the instructions in the pack  for her to write. She is far sighted I think and prefers me to do that. At 7:45 tonight, (I had fallen asleep), she came in and said the quinoa risotto wasn’t yet ready! I asked what time she began cooking it, she said 6pm. See? I told you. Even if I tell her the day before what to cook the following day, there’s no guarantee we’ll have dinner by 7.

As soon as I realized dinner would be late, I sat up and checked quinoa online. It said it was a quick to cook dinner. It would take just 20 minutes. And there was HHA, cooking quinoa for nearly 2 hours and it wasn’t cooked? Heavens.

I checked out youtube to show her, she still was convinced the quinoa she had dealt with was not ready. I asked her to bring me some, it looked cooked – at least it no longer looked like bird seed.

The proof of the pudding…

She decided to proceed with the rest of the recipe – that meant adding the more pricey ingredients: mushrooms, cooking cream and parmesan cheese. I was about to tell her to throw away the quinoa she was convinced wasn’t yet cooked. But she said she thought it was.

Again the proof of the pudding…

God bless our tummies.

It’s 20:52 now, the quinoa risotto is not yet on the table. Luckily, son is coming home late. The osso buco is ready, husband and I ate siopao from Choc-ful in Greenhills. See, husband went to a wake and his “pagpag” was GH. We can afford to wait for the cooked quinoa. Here’s a blogger’s enthusiastic take on it, the exact same recipe, mind you.  Hopefully, the two hours or more of cooking in our kitchen will yield good results???

Oh. just had a spoonful of the cooked quinoa. It tastes better than any of the risottos we’ve tried cooking at home. Aha, I can use this recipe to make risotto. One thing I’d do next time though is to put less salt. I’m not too keen on salt. It looks like nothing, son said, but as I always say, “the proof…”


Incidentally, I had no vegetable broth on hand (I always ignore them in S&R – they are so expensive according to my purse). So HHA used chicken bouillon cube instead.

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