A Favorite Recipe Source

I “love” pepper.ph because in this site, I’ve found gems.

Take for example what we had two nights ago. See, last Sunday, I over ordered in Bulgogi Brothers. Son likes their meal that has this heart shaped meat and short ribs, I wanted rib eye. As always, I rationalized that we could always take out the left overs and have them at home. The hearts were consumed, so was the rib eye. But the boneless short ribs weren’t. And there was a lot left over. These looked like sukiyaki cut, very thinly sliced.

Back at home, HHA heated the ribs maybe twice, no one was touching it. I didn’t want to throw it away and had a eureka moment that worked. I remembered having seen this recipe in pepper.ph and reinvented the dish. It worked wonderfully. Only a fraction was left over. Hooray. Just prepared the sauces and the rice and reheated the beef.

Later, for lunch we will have this dish courtesy of pepper.ph again. Prepared this months ago and the sauces were so good. Of course, for a healthier meal I will add lettuce and tomatoes. Yes, it is I writing. But really, it’s something I can eat. For the meat, I’m again not following the recipe because months back I bought these two and will use them:

IMG_4257 IMG_4258

My biggest favorite recipe in pepper.ph is the truffle pasta. Found here. We’ve had it countless times and each time was a happy experience.

I really must try out more pepper.ph recipes.

Thanks, pepper.ph!

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