Saying “Thank You”

Back in the day, okay the 1960s, I was in Grade 2 or 3, maybe, my godmother gave me a bag. I still recall how it looks because I liked it so much. It was the head of a doll fashioned into a bag (described thus, it sounds so spooky but honestly, it was cute. It had orange hair and a cord strap. After I got it, my mother said to call my godmother to say thank you. That was neither the first nor last time I was asked to say thank you by phone to a godmother I loved but remained shy with. My sister and I recall how firmly Mama ordered us to call to say thank you. I try to do the same with my son – whether that has sunk in I don’t know, I hope so. I still continue to remind him and he’s 25. Sometimes he says, “I did na.” But that hasn’t stopped me from reminding me.

This post was “inspired” by two occasions:

One – some weeks back, a young lady emailed. See, someone who was her boss of sorts told her to get in touch with me as she (boss) had something for me. She (boss) is based abroad and was here in the PHilippines. I couldn’t see her because of some health concern, mine. Ergo she left that something for me with this girl C. Funny thing is that girl C and I weren’t in the best of terms because she was sore that husband called her out of a meeting to get something else months back. And her body language said so. Husband doesn’t usually notice such things – that he did was indicative of C’s stance. And we talked and she also got angry.

Fast forward to this recent email. I tried to be  cordial, she answered even as in her first mail, she said “so we don’t have to see each other” and I think she mentioned husband also. I let that pass. IN fact, when husband went to get the package from her, I sent a pack of mango pastillas. And to think we believed that months back, it was she who was rude to us. I had mango pastillas so I sent. Out of gratitude. Not necessarily as a peace offering as I really didn’t feel we were in the wrong, though if she saw it that way and the pastillas as a peace offering, I thought, so be it.

Well, she didn’t have a mother like mine. She never said thank you. And husband thinks she was there when he got the package, so the thank you could have come minutes later via email. It never did.

Second reason:

I read an instagram post where a friend of a friend said to my friend to say thank you to her daughter for her TY note. Guess who, TPS? My point – a child should be taught to say “Thank You” early on. It’s a trait that should be acquired earlier than later. And it spells good manners and reflects on the parents.

Lucky for my friend her daughter already shows signs of good manners. The first example?

Maybe… not.

8 thoughts on “Saying “Thank You”

  1. Oh this is so timely! Just this weekend, my husband’s niece who’s already a teenager (with emphasis on her age kasi it means she’s old enough na) asked to join us in our hotel “staycation” (with my side of the family). Instead of being grateful, she kept on criticizing the bad things in the hotel (that there was no bath tub, the pool isn’t as big as other hotels she’s been to, the lobby’s so dim-lighted etc etc.) Over breakfast, she kept on saying that “lugi” kami for paying 800Php per head for our buffet breakfast kasi limited yung choices ng food. For me naman ok lang ang selection – fair enough for the price. I couldn’t help it anymore and told her “Why lugi? Are you the one paying for the meal? Is it everyday that you get to eat breakfast in a hotel?”. My mom reprimanded me for making “patol” (hahaha) to a child but nainis na talaga ako kasi we wouldn’t have brought her in the first place kung hindi naman sa request niya. Husband knows I can’t stand her niece so siya naman nag-reprimand sa niece niya. But like you’ve said, I think the problem is that’s how she’s being raised ng parents niya, may pagka-spoiled and feeling entitled palagi. TPS, sssshhhh. I know you’ve seen her on Facebook. Hahaha

    • How ungrateful. Now if she were concurring with your opinion, that might be another story but even then, it might have made you feel worse. I”m glad your husband reprimanded her. Better that she realizes it’s wrong as now than later.

      • She’s not concurring with me because I was in a happy mood and everyone else was too! Well she’s always been like that even when she was still a little girl. I just thought there may have been some improvements now that she’s older. I told my husband I’m more worried if she does that to other people because that’s bad manners and she might get in trouble in the future 😦 Haaay

  2. I had to reread this: “friend of a friend said to my friend to say thank you to her daughter for her TY note”. Hehehehe. Nagagalit na nga si S sa akin kasi that was back in January pa, hindi ko na-mail. I’m not even sure if I was able to send the one she wrote for you. Sorry, so disorganized ang bahay namin, wala na akong hope magkaroon ng HH.

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