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Last Friday, a cousin and his wife brought two boxes of goodies for husband, all the way from Makati. These two give very charming gifts – the type you know weren’t bought to get it over with, but well thought out ones that make one feel special.

Well, they brought over Kumori goodies and these were to die for. If there were one last piece for example, I’d give it to son but if he refuses it, I’d gobble it up before anyone else could. Yes, they’re that god.

The two flavors they gave were chocolate and original, I think. At least, when I first saw the original, I thought it would taste like the one in Bread Talk though smaller. Well it did, a little. BT’s didn’t impress me, it was not sweet enough. But Kumori’s, every bite mattered. Every bite melted in the mouth. Every bite was to be relished.


If only it had a branch nearer our place. Thing is, it has two branches in Makati – SM and Greenbelt, or is it Glorietta?

Thank you Kumori for bringing a taste of Japan to us fresh, every single day. I read that somewhere. That fresh stocks are flown in each day.

So special. And I’m not throwing the boxes away. Too pretty to dispose.

PS – I googled Kumori Philippines and saw their Facebook site. What cousin and wife gave us were the Hanjuku cheesecake original and Hanjuku cheesecake chocolate.

Corrections are in order: their outlets are on the lower ground floor of Landmark and SM Makati. And it’s not flown in daily but “Japan baked daily.”

Sorry for the wrong info. Too excited.


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