My Love Eun Dong

of course it is a K drama. About to watch Episode 4, the first 3 were so sweet and heart warming.

The youngest versions (the characters start out as teens) – the boy was handsome/cute, the girl was cute – they acted so well.

The bit older versions – the man by then was too gaunt, his face especially. Made me wonder – where did the good looks go? The girl, now a woman, was uber pretty.

The present versions – the man has filled up, he looks quite debonair but doesn’t act like he believes it, especially if he’s not in actor mode. Very endearing. The woman – first impression: why did they change the previous version? That girl was really pretty. But this latest version grows on you – her simplicity, her kind eyes, her persona.

Yes, I am enjoying this series so much. I hope it won’t turn super mushy or convoluted as it goes on. It’s fine in its simplicity now.

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