Spell efficiency – that’s Jane of 2121212.

Earlier this morning, I called 2121212 to order a cake for delivery to a friend, a rather complicated transaction in the sense that my payment will have to be picked up before the cake is delivered to my friend. Remember the last time I did that, maybe in May? That was a nearly flawless transaction except that they didn’t put a card, ergo my friend didn’t know whom it was from. By late afternoon, when she hadn’t yet thanked me (She’s the type who does), I was concerned. She called and when she said “thank you” I immediately interjected – I’m glad you got the cake. She said, “You sent it?” Apparently, she had called to thank me for recommending her to Riza of Fabio Salsa, and not because of the cake. She said she didn’t know it was from me and was in fact wondering whether it was delivered wrongly to her.

So, when I thought of having a cake delivered to a friend today, I tried to explore other options. But only 2121212 answered when I started calling.

Started because it didn’t end with that first call. The one who took it was so clueless. She asked rather inane questions I was so peeved I said I’d call again. I did, with a hope and a prayer that someone more competent would answer. And someone did. JANE.

She asked all the right questions, promised to call back after asking the resto whether they had the cake available, etc.

I am expecting the cake to be delivered with a card from me on it, or the dedication printed on the cake. I am counting on Jane and I am sure she won’t fail me.

PS Now I remember why the first agent in twoanyone peeved me. She told me to hold, I did. So she could look for restos that had cakes, she said. After a while, she came back. And then she asked me to hold again. Guess why? to look for restos again. I asked cheekily, “Nag banyo ka?” Because I had waited an eternity earlier and no progress. I asked if she were new. No answer. Oh well, tit for tat. served me right for being so …

never mind.

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