Public service

the light bulb in the Meralco post outside our house has been kaput for months and I’ve been forgetting to report it. then the droning sound of our aircon last week compelled husband to call Meralco which sent a service truck as promised within 3 hours. it was then husband mentioned the light bulb to the lineman. He was told to report it. He did and also mentioned some trees whose branches the other Meralco guy said should be cut as they were pressing on the cables.
Operator prepared two reports and said someone would come in to 5 days.

this am or just a day later, Hhb announced the presence of Meralco. husband was at work so he and meralco guy spoke on the phone.

latter said his truck’s ladder couldn’t reach the light bulb. he also said it was our responsibility to have the tree branches cut. ours? meralco’s or our neighbor’s?

arrgh. Why not bring the right truck if you know you’re supposed to change the light? Common sense lang naman ang kailangan…. And why was the second line man singing a different tune, saying we should cut the branches ourselves?

On another note there might be a happy development behind us. once confirmed… i shall share.

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