Wattaday again!

At around 8 pm, the dogs began barking fiercely. Nothing new, I thought. Maybe they had a sighting, I thought. But husband must have sensed something unusual as he went out of the room and came back to say that Ringo (the biggest of the pack) had badly bitten Simba near the neck among other parts of the latter’s anatomy. Simba’s other bites were courtesy of one or two other dogs.

Husband with HHB brought Simba to the vet in Marikina. It’s a 24-hour clinic but appeared closed. Husband persisted and before long someone advised them to go to this dorm where the vet was.

Simba was badly bitten, the vet said, but it could have been worse. If the location of the bite were a few inches beyond where it was, that would have spelled finis to Simba’s canine existence.

And now husband keeps telling me that it’s Simba who always rushes to the van when he sees the ramp unloaded. Why? He goes under my wheelchair so he can get inside the house, on to our room where I give him a treat.

Simba is in Marikina now after being stitched. Barring complications she’ll be back home after lunch.

Ironically the gangsters were looking for her Simba when husband and HHB arrived. And they seemed to miss her.


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