Several times now, the mom of a former tutee would post photos of “breakfast in bed” care of my tutee. Such breakfasts would be laid out on a table one  eats from while in bed. I can’t remember what it’s called now, shame on me. M, I’m sure you know. These breakfasts were prepared from scratch, i.e., cooked by my tutee. This morning I had breakfast in bed care of my son. Here it is: IMG_4357 That’s one piece of hotcake slathered with butter and a tiny sprinkling of syrup from you TPS. And two pieces of sausage. No, he didn’t prepare them in the sense that he cooked them. Rather, he apportioned this from the rest cooked by HHA before he began eating while I still was not ready for breakfast. I guess to ensure I would have a share of the breakfast prepared. Sweet of him, I must say. A first. *********** On another note, I can’t recall now whether I posted photos of one of our neighbor’s newly constructed buildings on their property which had two windows just a few inches from our wall such that my sister said she could go over those open sliding windows on to our roof. When our architect was apprised of this, he said it was not allowed by law. When I told a lawyer about this, she cited provisions in the Civl Code that were exactly what the architect had told us – that those windows’ locations violated the law. So I wrote our BC a follow up letter citing the law this time and offered him two options – that the windows be removed and the opening closed or that we raise our fence at the barangay’s expense. Two nights ago, HHB said there was something going on with one of the windows. Hollow blocks were being put up to close the opening. The following night, both windows were sealed. Today, no work was done, ergo I guess it’s FINIS. Look: IMG_4358 IMG_4359 Spell crude. The second floor of the building outside where the windows used to be      are subdivision-mode. The blocked windows and the wall on the ground floor spell  crude. If you were the home owner, would you allow such handiwork? Those who have seen this photo believe that’s it – they cannot do finishing work on the lower portion and the window as there’s no space for the workers to stand on. Their wall’s distance from ours is not a person wide enough for anyone to do any work. CRUDE. Makes me wonder if they “finished” the interior where the windows used to be well. I guess they must have lest the bosses complain. I had written the mayor about this issue and gotten a reply that the matter would be investigated, then no word. So I am not sure if credit for the boarding up of the window goes exclusively to our barangay captain or the mayor. Whom should I thank? And should I send a cake of thanks? What do you think? I’ll order from Makati. Joke. From Shoppersville.

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