UP Town Center yet again

It has become a favorite and once it has a grocery, my trips beyond Katipunan might become scarce.

Had a late lunch in The Backyard. I think it’s owned by the same group as Pino. Liked what we ordered and can’t wait to go back:

IMG_4365 IMG_4366 IMG_4368 IMG_4369

Top left is the appetizer – chicken skin with salted egg. It takes chicken a notch higher flavor wise because of the salted egg. Generous serving too, like though we were having our main meals, we interjected mouthfuls with chicken skin.

Top right is my order – T-bone steak with mashed potato and gravy. I gave son and husband a little and when son knew I was done eating (and there was more than half left over, he asked for a slice. I gave him the entire pan with my remaining order and he relished having this with mashed po and gravy. But he wasn’t able to finish it either.

Bottom right was husband’s order – waffle chicken, ergo the batter had a hint of maple syrup. Son ordered sriracha chicken salad which had mango bits and grapes and greens. He’s not a fruit person so there were a few grapes left over.

We didn’t have dessert as earlier, we passed Rita’s and planned to have dessert there. Alas, the line was snaking in when we checked after lunch, so we went without. Surprise.


Incidentally, we were able to get to The Backyard courtesy of the elevator in Wellworth. We rode it from the first floor and asked the security person, is it okay to ride the elevator even if we don’t buy anything from Wellworth? He nodded and smiled. But we did buy something from Wellworth – scent for our electric ceramic elephant which we bought from Wellworth in Fairview Terraces last December. And I also bought toners from Wellworth – one by Neutrogena and another by Olay. I saw Neutrogena’s bath oil there going for P640; almost two weeks ago, I got a similar bottle from Rustan’s and it cost upwards of P700, I think. Odd – the price difference I mean, considering both are SSI establishments. As I said before, Wellworth is not Rustan’s, it’s more like Landmark or Crossings in terms of merchandise sold. But I intend to patronize the store because its proximity is not to be sneezed at.

Other stores we went to: National Bookstore to look for Prismacolor. None available yet. Initially, they were clueless about it but then I think it was the manager who called other branches and found it in Trinoma. She’ll call me as soon as it’s available in UP Town.

Just in the turn after NBS is Wonderbake – Paradise for bakers who can’t go to Divisoria for supplies or even to Chocolate Kingdom in Cubao.It has cupcake liners of varying designs, Kitchen Aid, chocolate chips, huge blocks of cream cheese, Fillo pastry, Peotraco confectioner’s sugar which Rustan’s didn’t have the last time I went, mini Oreos, sugar flowers (promise and they have a long shelf life, the girl told me), wooden spoons, gelatin, baking pans, etc. When I asked who owned the place which so impressed me, the ladies at the counter said, “MAg-asawa po.” Ah ok, so they weren’t telling. Makes one wonder.

Beside Wonder Bake is The Paper Store. If I were years younger, I’d have bought a lot – stationery, organizers, etc. And possibly, these items were of a British brand. The themes were the double deck buses, the police with black hats – I’m so at a loss for the right words– like this:

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 17.58.12

The Paper Store also sold messenger bags with nice prints for P995. TPS you will swoon.

After Wonder Bake, we proceeded to the ground floor to Breadery. But just outside BReadery was a freezer and displays of farm produce … okay veggies which I didn’t look at. So why did we stop? There was a sign that said “Cebu longganiza”. So of course I had to get a pack – 1 kilo at P350. Expensive so it better be good. The lady in the open store also recommended the English pork sausage and had to look really hard before she found one remaining pack. P315 I think. Again, I hope it’s good.

Finally, to breadery. Got some garlic ham bread, garlic bread, and chicken pie. And son found out they deliver. Minimum order: P500. When our supply runs out, you can be sure I will avail of this service.

BReadery’s phone number: 9585799.

Incidentally, there was this lady promoting The Primary Kitchen outside the resto. She gave me a calling card. Had eaten there once when UP Town first opened and liked the salpicao. We haven’t been back since though. They don’t deliver but one can order by calling and pick it up. Their phone number 955 23 63.

Can’t wait for the rest of the shops to open, among them this:


13 thoughts on “UP Town Center yet again

  1. Hi! Been so curious about UP Town & finally was able to go twice already for the past 2 weeks. Amazed at the number of stores that have sprouted, many new, interesting ones at that πŸ™‚ Saw the Breadery, got some breads today though will try for bfast tom, tasted some at the store today. Tastes good but didn’t you find the prices a bit high?

    • Hi Sui. Yes, the prices are a bit steep. I didn’t go wild the way I’d sometimes do in jipan. They deliver for a minimum purchase of P500 which is quite convenient but still didn’t buy much. Just enough to each the minimum.

  2. Hello hello! Ang tagal ko nang niyayaya si hubby sa UP Town Center, and now that you got me really curious about Wellworth and The Paper Store, kailangan ko na talaga i-schedule ito — this weekend!

    Pwede kaya mag-take ng pictures ng mga establishments duon? =)

  3. I already emailed Leah the link to this entry. She loves all things Britannia as well. πŸ™‚
    I used to be so “sanay” sa UP, Cubao, Katipunan, and Marikina area, ngayon parang hindi ko na alam pumunta.

      • Diane!!! Hahahaha! Dati lagi akong nasa National Bookstore Cubao. πŸ™‚ Ang laki nung branch na yun. Saka sa St Clare. (You know, sana pumasa sa algebra, physics, at iba pa.) Sa Marikina naman, nagsisindi ng fireworks si father dear sa Aglipay Church. Parang ang tagal ko nang hindi nakapunta dun. Last time I dropped by Katipunan was around 2006 pa yata.

        • Sorry Derdo, we invaded your space here. πŸ™‚

          Yung National Bookstore in Cubao, buhay pa naman. One of the few structures that remained alive in the old and classic Araneta Centre Cubao. Today, the centre (pronounced as cenneer because of the BPOs and contact ceneeers hahaha), is having a revamp na.

          Although, personally I love the old National Bookstore. No more library and coffee shop. 😦 It made think, the old National in Cubao used to be like Fully Booked in Serendra.

          UP Town Centre is proof that God loves even the northerners Hahahaha Much of what people enjoy from the South is beginning to be felt here.

          • Not to worry. I haven’t been to Cubao in years, so I’m learning from your exchange. And “Cenneer” – thanks for increasing my vocabulary. The things I miss out on really… πŸ™‚

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