Boggles the mind, my mind at least

Yesterday, I was craving something, anything with milk and zeroed in on pastillas. Where could I get it in my part of the world? Then a Eureka moment. Red Ribbon. But when I checked its website, it’s no longer in KAtipunan or their website isn’t updated.

Aha, Goldilocks. It was 6:23 pm by then and the person who took my call said they don’t deliver beyond 6 pm. SO I said I’d place an advanced order. I said, “pastillas de leche.” Got the response, “Ay ma’am, sorry. Hindi kami nag dedeliver ng pastillas de leche.” “Pastillas de ube”, I said hopefully. “AY ma’am…” You get the drift. Polvoron they do deliver and get this: lumpiang sariwa and pancit luglug, which per my culinary knowledge spoil more quickly than pastillas. So why?

Can anyone enlighten me?

I got a box of brownies – 25 slices, there’s none smaller – but must have a brownie marathon as the lady said its shelf life is 2 to 3 days. So why did I even buy it? Hopeful husband will eat some, son too, and the HHs. But it seems only the HHs are cooperating.


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