Citydelivery, why?

In the past, I had a love-hate relationship with Citydelivery. I’d rant, I’d praise in equal doses. But at least, the people who took calls in CD were competent or sounded like they knew what they were doing. The group that has replaced CD in 87878 isn’t as competent.

Growing up pains? Why did they have to replace the personnel then?

It is so difficult to get across the people in Foodpanda. Just the other day, I ordered. Fine. Today, I ordered. I was asked for my land line. I gave it. NO record, I was told. Then the girl asked for my mobile number. I gave it, it was listed. Aha, lazybones the other day’s answerer. She just took note of my cellphone number and not my landline.

I think I used to order through CD from Lugang. They said Lugang is no longer in their lineup – FP’s, that is. I checked just now, it’s with Twoanyone. I wanted to order from Alba’s today through CD/FP. They have internal issues with the group, FP told me.

And once, when I asked what Japanese restos they have in their lineup, the first answer was Yoshinoya. Another time I called, same answer.

I hope CD resurrects or takes back FP? Or that FP improves and quickly.

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