As I haven’t been doing the groceries or malls as frequently as in the past, some help has been necessary. Why so?

This a.m., I asked HHB to buy me SPAM. Blue can. Not teriyaki, not tocino. Just good old SPAM. Blue can. She said, “Yung hamburger ang nasa picture?” I said, “Spam, blue can.”

She came back with luncheon meat, PRIME brand. ANd it cost P138 or some 30 plus pesos more.

The Food BIn has been without frozen steak for months now. And the steak we buy from Rustan’s, HHA isn’t too confident about grilling. She usually boils whatever beef I buy from Rustan’s. And that means it ends up as salpicao or beef steak (bistek).

I called Santi’s to ask how much their steak is. I forgot that I had called the Morato branch. I also asked if they had Vegemite which Hugh Jackman taught Jimmy Fallon to eat and appreciate properly. The answer was yes.

This pm, as son was due to play badminton, I asked him to buy steak in the Corinthian HIlls branch of Santi’s if possible. I don’t impose, see? He normally takes C-5, ergo White Plains isn’t along the way. But he said he’d pass by.

After badminton, he spoke with one of the moms he plays with. My son is an old soul. He plays with the mom and dad of his classmate whose son is too busy to be present all the time. The rest in the group are friends of the parents. When he mentioned to the mom that he was passing by Santi’s for steak, she mentioned Prime Beef in Kamias. That’s her source, she said, and she’s a superb cook. She told my son to tell me to google the website.

Meanwhile, I thought son would no longer pass Santi’s but he did. He said there was no vegemite there and that’s when it occurred to me that I had called a different branch. How’s that for old age?

A few minutes ago, I googled Prime Beef Kamias. I was overwhelmed. Per the site, they sell frozen meat, steak sauce, marinated meat, bread, etc. One can also have the raw steak prepared by them. They even have recipes in their site.

Excited to try out products. One of these days……

12 thoughts on “Serendipity?

  1. Hi again! Gone to Prime Beef a number of times to buy steak cuts esp when we’d have guests over, they have good quality beef. Whenever we run out of ideas to give on Xmas, we buy steak cuts & give them as gifts, they can wrap them or put in nice baskets.

    • I must try Prime Beef then. I saw a gift pack for a couple that I found reasonably priced – P1330 for two cuts of steak, a bottle of wine and bread!!! Thanks for the heads up.

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