Sharing Coloring info

Limited to being housebound for various reasons, the heat among them, I’ve taken to coloring and have a few tips to share.

Spectrum Noir is a good marker to invest in. The finish is so professional, one would think an amateur like me could color very well. It isn’t that cheap but it’s a third the cost of Copic markers. My sister got me a set of 6 of the latter but I have yet to open the pack. Nanghihinayang ako. But like my son said, it would be even more wasteful if I don’t use it. So, one day…

If you like to use markers rather than colored pencils, get coloring books that use thick paper and have no print at the back. My Secret Paris coloring book has nice pictures but I cannot use Spectrum Noir pens in it. Has to be Stabilo or Staedtler pens or colored pencils which take more time to fill up spaces. SIGH.

My son bought me a coloring book in Fully Booked. Entitled “Color Therapy: An Anti-Stress Coloring Book.” It’s a novelty of sorts in that some pages have their background colored and portions of the picture colored. Some pages have wide open white spaces for you to draw in your doodles. Some pictures    don’t have too many details because you are expected to provide the details. Tall order for someone as uncreative as I am, but I’ve been working on it. A page is huge so I have yet to finish a page in its entirety. One of these days. (Wishful thinking).

A number minus of this coloring book is that it cannot take Spectrum Noir markers. Sad. Because I want to use Spectrum Noir for everything. Note that SN can be used on various surfaces: glass, fabric, wood, paper. It’s tops. Ah, it does have one con at least: the caps that cover the pen take quite an effort to pull out and put back. IN fact, my middle finger was caught thrice in it as I was attempting to close the pens. And believe me, I am not the only one complaining about this. One comment in Amazon said she refused to give Spectrum NOir pens 5 stars because of this.

That’s it for now. One of these days, I will share some pages I’ve colored.

One last tip: husband discovered some videos in youtube on Spectrum NOir pens. So inspired, I checked out one more  – how to blend pen colors for skin tones. Problem is I don’t have those markers. One of these days?

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