Will this post stand on its own sans prose? It might but the real reason why I even suggested that was my hunger – the spirit was willing to annotate but the flesh was weak.

Okay, here goes. These pages come from coloring books with perforation, ergo I was able to remove the pages from the book. For the first page, I used Spectrum Noir pastels ordered by my US based cousin upon the direction of my sister who paid for them. Thanks, A & A.  The second page is the reverse of the first page – the colors are more pastel-like, don’t you think?  The explanation for the third and fourth are similar to the first and second. Enough said.    This I like very much. Were I more confident, I’d color the face and figure of the pretty lass, but I have no skin tone markers yet. I ordered brights, lights, and darks of Spectrum, unaware I’d need skin tone markers too. At this point I’m hoping one of the sets I ordered will have a marker or two that will enable me to color skin.  I sometimes leave some spaces white, either for artistic reasons or ennui or fatigue. Choose your wild. You might be accurate in pinpointing why.  I like this one below. I liked that I was able to discipline myself about using the same colors for similar parts. But I’m not sure this is perfectly colored in that sense. I make mistakes in picking the right pen, sometimes.  One of my earlier pages. I initially used various kinds of markers and finished this off when my pastels arrived.  Same story as above.   Another proof that sometimes, I can compel myself to be disciplined. Same caveat – this is possibly not perfect.  I tried to use Indian hues here.  Same as above except that I tried to do pastel hues in two instances – the pinkish/aqua combination and the leaves on the lower right side.  Another Indian themed page.  Look at my table – a face towel (I forgot to edit it out), a box of shortbread cookies that remain unopened (I intend to make alfajor out of them using the bottle of dulce de leche our neighbor gave me. One of these days (my mantra of late, apparently)…  Now this and the following images. They came from a coloring book son gave me. He got it from FUlly Booked. Some comments in Amazon decry how the pages are presented – the background of many pages have been colored as well as portions of the image. The orange background is not of my doing, neither the flounce of red and black. I did do the hair, the rose, the fringed “mantilla” and the bodice. I even did the green scallops above the lowest ones.  This page – similar as the one above except that I haven’t done any coloring here. Rather, I doodled on the empty spaces, using Dong A gel pens (Gold and brown, I think).   Same as the two above. All I’ve colored here is one flower in various hues of blue.  Now this – look at the wide open spaces. I did that yellow and orange outline in one flower below, “inspired” by what was done in one pre-colored flower on the page (see two pictures under).  See the difference, though? The printed flower in the book is virtually filled; all I could manage was just one “row” or the outline of the center of the flower. But who knows? One of these days.  

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