Youngest, ergo spoiled?

I am the youngest in the family. They say the eldest and the youngest are spoiled, spoiled brats even. And I guess it’s true somehow. And to my face, although in very low, hardly perceptible tones, I’ve heard myself called spoiled. Once by a friend and another by… never mind.

It hurts to be referred to as spoiled, the word sounds so pejorative, besides which, did I ask to be spoiled? Isn’t it a mere given of one’s birth rank?

At any rate, being the youngest has its perks. True, while I was younger, some sister would ask me to get a glass of water. Another, her slippers. Because I was youngest.

But being the youngest also meant staying with my parents while the rest of my sisters were in Manila or elsewhere. This meant more trips to Roli’s with my father, more ice cream soda fountain trips with him as well. It meant being offered a doll in some store here in Manila, whenever Mama caught me looking longingly at one. I got a talking doll that way. Except that it didn’t say much. Just “Hi, I’m Cathy.” “Thank you.” And I don’t recall what else, if any, she could mutter.

Being the youngest means being the “baby” of the family forever. Merong forever? Parang.

Today, for example, I got these from my sister:

FullSizeRender IMG_4429

She got them in 2013 and completely forgot to give them to me. Doesn’t matter though as I  don’t write in diaries, I merely read what’s written on them. See the guy on the left? Of course, I don’t know his name. I just know Lee Min Ho and Jang Dong Gun. But I like this actor. He is light on his feet, runs fast, and dances like he’s made of rubber. Look ma, no bones.

The photo on the right is another calendar. This is an educational calendar in that it has vignettes on various aspects of Korean culture. Promise: cuisine, places and arts. It’s a heavy calendar and came in a nice box. Now I wonder where HHB put the box.

Years back, another sister brought me a Lee Min Ho calendar and a snowman magnet which she got from Nami Island where Winter Sonata was filmed.

Another sister brings me pan de sal, lumpia, chocolates… anything she thinks will please my tummy.

So there – youngest, ergo spoiled?

I concede, but it has its perks I can only welcome.

I do try not to be bratty though. The operative word there is “try”.

I am now trying to think if I was referred to as a brat by a friend. We haven’t talked in a while. And not because of the name-calling, mind you. We just drifted apart.

Story of my life.

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